Case 2

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Having your messages go viral in the digital marketing world requires creativity and the insider insight. Identifying the right mix of marketing strategy and services can open up new markets and advance business goals. China’s leading theme park operator, Chimelong, joined forces with Madcradle Online to promote its 2014 Halloween Carnival to young audiences in Hong Kong. The campaign’s objective was to generate buzz in the local online community and drive ticket sales growth. It set out to reinforce the association between Chimelong and Halloween Carnival in the hearts and minds of local young people.

Given the fierce competition from theme parks in Hong Kong, celebrating Halloween in theme parks located in the mainland was not yet a popular choice among young audience in Hong Kong. Chimelong needed a highly strategic and coordinated digital marketing solution for its Halloween Carnival marketing campaign to go viral in a given short period of time. As the Halloween Carnival was a seasonal and adventurous event, it was critical for the audience to catch a glimpse of its excitement. The campaign must be direct and engaging. A creative and experienced team with comprehensive toolsets and strong insight can boost brand awareness by creating the right content.

To generate viral effect for Chimelong’s Halloween Carnival, we applied the magic formula of Video and KOL (Key Opinion Leader), Social Media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Video is the most favored marketing medium today and it allowed the audience to experience the Halloween Carnival. Every party organizer knows that there is no secret to generating buzz - “Girls Come First, Boys Follow”. To concentrate our marketing efforts, we introduced the “Young Lady First” strategy to promote the campaign. Leveraging our insight and the power of video marketing, we invited KOL – Hay Wong & Friends, whose YouTube channel boasted over 300,000 followers, to tailor-make promotional videos. Many young ladies in Hong Kong followed Hay Wong & Friends’ YouTube channel. To spark the flame of viral, we adopted a dynamic social media marketing strategy and distributed the promotional videos and campaign ads across social media platforms and search engines, such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Yahoo!. From YouTube’s desktop homepage masthead and instream ad to Facebook’s video and post ad, and from Yahoo!’s news expandable to Google’s search engine marketing, we maximized the campaign’s online presence to drive ticket sales growth.

Our marketing efforts resulted in a proven increase in Chimelong’s Halloween Carnival ticket sales during the promotion period. The viral video ad campaign reinforced the association between Chimelong and Halloween Carnival among young audience in Hong Kong. The KOL, Hay Wong & Friends, garnered substantial interest from target audience online. Our dynamic and extensive social media campaign scored millions of impressions across different social media platforms, effectively establishing Chimelong’s leading digital presence. The right mix of marketing strategies, target audience, and KOL strengthens the brand’s image positively. KOL Hay Wong & Friends created viral videos that appealed to the young audience. By accurately identifying the right mix of target audience, KOL, and marketing strategies, we maximized impact and saved costs for our client.

1 Making the best possible match between brands and influential KOLs can bolster online presence.

2 Powerful video content generates high traffic flow and conversion. Viral video ad campaign imprints your brand message to the hearts and minds of the target audience.

3 KOL Hay Wong & Friends created videos with multiple storylines, showcasing different reactions between boys and girls, friends and couples in walking through the haunted house.

4 Dynamic distribution via integrated marketing strategies across social media such as Facebook, YouTube extends reach to target audience.

5 Placing ads across different social media platforms brings exposure to a wide audience. YouTube Desktop Masthead, InStream Ad and Facebook Video Ad can generate significant impressions and drive conversions.

6 Having extensive reach across the internet is important to building online presence. Search Engine Marketing, Yahoo! News Expandable Banner Ads and Native Ads are among our integrated efforts to grow brand awareness.