Case 7


  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Creative & Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video & KOL Marketing
  • Display Network : V-Marketer
  • Business Analyticss : Madvisor for Conversion
  • Web, E-commerce, Apps
  • Search Engine Marketing

As the top Singaporean skincare brand, Bio-essence entered the Hong Kong market aiming to bring youthfulness, beauty, good health, and cultured disposition with its innovative products. The company has always been at the forefront of innovation, targeting consumers with an interest in beauty and skincare throughout Asia. In 2015, the company worked with Madcradle Online to build brand presence online through a long-term marketing campaign. Our objectives were to build brand awareness and enhance brand image. Using our range of exciting and cutting-edge tools, we promoted their key products and successfully attracted quality fans on social media.

In every cultural and geographical group, specific idiosyncrasies and dispositions can make or break a campaign. Bio-essence used our services to upgrade their digital marketing strategy into something more personalized and tailored for the Hong Kong market. This called for marketing expertise and local knowhow on aesthetics and content that appeal to Hong Kongers. To stay united with their highly interactive offline marketing campaigns, Bio-essence needed an online strategy focused on product education and audience interactivity. The campaign required stimulating custom advertising formats to drive engagement and conversion for building strong brand image amongst local consumers.

For Bio-essence, we built brand awareness by providing multiple touch points for the target audience to provide information and attract audience. Our focus was on Facebook, Hong Kong’s top-grossing social platform. To stimulate engagement from target audience, we featured brand representatives Linda Chung and Vivian Hsu in engaging mini games and post ads. But our pride and joy was our in-house developed interactive tab games that complemented offline promotions. Available on desktop and mobile platforms, the games were a combination of product education, audience interactivity, and prize redemption in one genius platform. Our extensive network of ads covered Google Display Network through V-Marketer, Google and Yahoo via SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Facebook post and carousel ads. These were further optimized by Madvisor with Google Analytics. We successfully uplifted Bio-essence’s brand image amongst target audience groups through drawing significant reach and engagement.

Our online campaign was met with vast positivity from the target audience, completing our mission of bolstering brand image and awareness locally for Bio-essence. Our combined ad reach for Facebook ads, SEM, and Google Display Network was over 13 million, drawing attention for our client with ubiquitous advertising. Quantity is not all Madcradle Online is good at. Our output in quality was what truly instilled brand message amongst target consumers. Our interactive mini games reached more than 10% engagement rate, coupled with tab games that successfully drew over 24,000 in game play. We attracted keen attention from target audience groups. Through our efforts, Bio-essence's Facebook page saw over 19% increase in fans in less than a year. Our integrated digital marketing campaign was a roaring success in establishing Bio-essence as an innovative and consumer-friendly skincare brand.

1 Tap into the power of Facebook tab games that combine product education, audience interactivity, and prize redemption into one genius platform!

2 Creative and appealing aesthetics add a large bonus to attracting engagement on Facebook posts.

3 Pair up online and offline promotions to capture the hearts of every target consumer.