Case 4

Manchester Global MBA

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Network : V-Marketer
  • Business Analytics : Madvisor for Conversion
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web, E-commerce, Apps

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The world’s leading business school, Manchester Business School, stepped up in digital front to connect with expatriates and business talents in the region. Manchester Business School (MBS) partnered with Madcradle Online to run a regional digital marketing campaign to promote its Global MBA program, targeting Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. The campaign set out to strengthen the online presence of MBS’ Global MBA program and drive leads to the program’s information sessions. Manchester Global MBA is the top UK Master of Business Administration program in Hong Kong. It is a two-year part-time MBA program with the MBA degree awarded from the University of Manchester.

As the No.1 UK MBA program in Hong Kong and top 30 Global MBA according to Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2017, our client needed a dynamic digital marketing strategy to connect with interested applicants in the region. Building on its academic excellence and world’s leading position, it needed a distinct and consistent brand image across all digital channels to stand out to business talents and expatriates seeking career and academic advancement. To drive leads to the information sessions, the campaign required effective data analysis to optimize performance and improve return on investment (ROI).

Leveraging its world leading position, Madcradle Online adopted consistent brand visuals to distinguish Manchester Global MBA as #1 UK MBA in Hong Kong and as the top 30 Global MBA in the world. We boosted the MBA program’s online presence by revamping its website with Responsive Web Design. It ensured optimal viewing experience for visitors using different digital devices. With the understanding that talents seeking to enroll in MBA programs are quick in their acts, we added Call-To-Action features to the website to facilitate attendance to the information sessions of the MBA program.


To bring precision to the campaign, we employed Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It enabled Manchester Global MBA’s message to appear at the top of keyword search results on search engines like Google, allowing the program to be easily identified by those seeking to enroll in MBA programs. Our Madvisor team optimized the performance of the campaign with data analytic tools such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick. Utilizing our in-house ad delivery system V-Marketer, we placed extensive online ads across major display network platforms including Google Display Network. With a strong business focus, we utilized channels like Gmail Ad, Facebook Remarketing and LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content to further promote Manchester Global MBA to its target audience.


Our integrated marketing efforts reinforced Manchester Global MBA’s brand image as world’s leading MBA program. We developed a consistent and distinct brand image for Manchester Global MBA across all digital channels in the region. By revamping the website, we uplifted the MBA program’s online presence. The customized website enabled the MBA program to better capture leads from search engines and social media platforms. Coupled with our dynamic social media and search engine marketing, we drove significant growth in inquiries and attendance to the information sessions.

1 Distinctive brand visuals across social media and search engines to created a consistent and recognizable brand image in the region. We utilized extensive online display marketing via V-Marketer, Search Engine Marketing on Google, and LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content to reach out to our target audience, business talents and expatriates, in the region.

2 Call-To-Action features on the website drive leads and attendance to the information sessions of the MBA program.

3 Our tailor-made Responsive Web Design constructs seamless transitions over various digital channels, enabling optimal viewing experience across desktop and mobile.